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Our Seafood is all sustainably sourced from premium suppliers, with a focus on fresh, high quality, delicious produce.

The following is a list of some of the Origins of the Seafood we sell.

Abalone - Tasmania 

Albacore Loin - Mooloolaba, Queensland

Barbounia - Eden, New South Wales

Barramundi - Northern Territory, Australia & New Zealand

Wild Barramundi - Mackay, Queensland

Bass Groper / Bar Cod - Tin Can Bay, Queensland & New Zealand 

Blue Eye - South Coast of Australia & New Zealand 

Blue Mackerel - Local 

Bonito - Wallis Lake, New South Wales

Sashimi Bonito - Coffs Harbour, New South Wales

Bream - South Australia of Australia & New South Wales

Ray's Bream - Mooloolaba, Queensland

Calamari - Nelson Bay, New South Wales

Sashimi Southern Calamari - Flinders Island, Tasmania

Coral Trout - Cairns, Queensland, Hamilton Island, Queensland & New Zealand

King Crab - Local 

Spanner Crabs - Ballina, New South Wales

Cuttlefish - Australia

Mirror Dory - Shoalhaven, New South Wales

Eel - New South Wales

Red Emperor - Darwin, Northern Territory

Flathead - Local 

Dusky Flathead - Laurieton, New South Wales

Yellowbelly Flounder - New Zealand

Garfish - South Coast of Australia, South Coast of New South Wales, Cairns Queensland & Victoria

Gemfish - South Eastern Australia 

Gurnard - South-Eastern Australia & New Zealand

Hapuka - Albany, Western Australia

Australian Herring - Spencer Gulf, Southern Australia

Imperador - South Coast of Australia & Eastern Coast of New Zealand

QLD Jewfish - Mackay, Queensland

John Dory - Eden, New South Wales & New Zealand

Hiramasa Kingfish - Australia & New Zealand

Sashimi Wild Kingfish - Terrigal, New South Wales

Ling - South-Eastern Australia & New Zealand 

Pink Ling - Bermagui, New South Wales

Live Lobster - Southern Australia & Western Australia

Leather Jacket - Local 

Mahi Mahi - East Coast of Australia 

Jackass Morwong - Tasmania

Red Mullet - Shark Bay, Western Australia

Mulloway / Jewfish - Evans Head, New South Wales

Murray Cod - Fresh Water, NSW

Mussels - Spring Bay Tasmania, Southern Coast of Australia, & New Zealand

Nannygai - Port Lincoln, South Australia

Ocean Perch - Shoalhaven, New South Wales & New Zealand

Ocean Trout, King Trout and Rainbow Trout - Tasmania & Snowy Mountains, Victoria

Pacific and Sydney Rock Oysters - Australia

Red Fish - South Australia 

Red Emperor - Western Australia & North Coast of Australia 

Sand Whiting / King George Whiting - Hawkesbury, New South Wales

Salmon / King Salmon - Tasmania, Australia & New Zealand

Sardine - Yamba, New South Wales 

Shark - Australia 

Skate Wings - South Coast of Australia

Snapper - New Zealand

Plate Snapper - Macleay

Whole Flametail Snapper - Mooloolaba, Queensland

Spanish Mackerel -Bowen, Queensland

Luminous Bay Squid - Pittwater, New South Wales

Swordfish - Mooloolaba, Queensland & New South Wales

Terakihi - New Zealand

King Terakihi - Tasmania

Trevally - New Zealand

Tuna - Local 

Wild Turbot - New Zealand

Live Sea Urchin -Newcastle, New South Wales

Live White Sea Urchin - Port Phillip Bay, Victoria

Vongole - Port Lincoln, South Australia

Warehou - Southern Coast of New South Wales

Whitebait - Yamba, New South Wales

Red Spot Whiting - Newcastle, Australia 




Sustainability and reducing our environmental impact as a business is an integral focus at Shane's Seafood. We pride ourselves on sustainably and ethically sourcing all of our produce.

We hope you enjoy our Seafood. 

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